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            歡迎來到佛山市南海區名毅機械廠! 收藏本站 | 設為首頁 | 網站地圖


            文章作者:名毅MingYi 人氣:25發表時間:2023-09-09 15:08:28








            On September 8, 2023, the 52nd China (Shanghai) International Furniture Expo, which lasted for four days, finally came to a successful end at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao).

            Over a period of four days, the Mingyi 8.1B88 booth, with the theme of "Mingyi Intelligent Manufacturing, Made in China", showcased unique and advanced metal processing machinery for special-shaped pipes and various tables and chairs with exquisite and high-quality legs 

            to business customers around the world, attracting numerous domestic and foreign exhibitors to visit.

            On the first day of the exhibition, the Mingyi booth ushered in a peak of pedestrian flow, with business guests flocking to watch with their eyes and touch with their hands, feeling the shock brought by the combination of Mingyi Automation and 4G with special-shaped metal pi-

            pe processing machinery with their hearts; The semi-finished and finished products produced by Mingyi Mechanical Lock are also favored by a large number of business customers; Here, they can not only appreciate more possibilities about the aesthetics of furniture feet, but al-

            so experience the reliability of "Made in China".

            During the four day exhibition, all employees of Mingyi Machinery worked together with professional knowledge, full enthusiasm, and rigorous attitude to introduce Mingyi Machinery's products to industry insiders from all over the world. Mingyi Machinery's differentiated prod-

            ucts and mature business model also attracted strong interest from many industry insiders, who came to the museum to have a deep understanding and friendly negotiations.

            As a leading brand of domestic special-shaped metal processing machinery, in this exhibition, Mingyi Machinery showcased to the world how to adhere to the principle of "developing as a national owned brand" and what is the benchmark of "Made in China"; And the cone tube 

            machines, cone square machines, flower tube machines, pulling square machines, sealing machines and other products under Mingyi will also be promoted worldwide faster through this exhibition, allowing more people to see and experience the charm of "Mingyi Intelligent Ma-

            nufacturing, Made in China".

            Go without stopping, the future is predictable; Although the exhibition has ended, Mingyi's path forward has never stopped. In the future, Mingyi will always adhere to the spirit of "quality first, innovation not only", providing furniture foot manufacturers around the world with sh

            aped technology pipe processing machinery with faster forming speed, better quality, and more convenient operation; We will also showcase the diverse aesthetics of furniture feet to the world, and we look forward to the future with infinite anticipation!


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